Our Work Force

Our Work Force
Performance Summary

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Successful companies support a culture that welcomes engagement because they know their employees are their best defense against short-term volatile economic conditions and a key factor in longer-term business performance and competitiveness.

AEP’s Values

In collaboration with employees, we redefined our values in 2013 to better reflect our culture and who we are today as we set a course for the future. Our new purpose statement - We power life’s possibilities℠ – defines what we do and why we are here.

Employee engagement is a business imperative

When our employees are motivated and productive, we are better able to navigate business pressures and embrace new opportunities and are positioned for future success.

Culture Commitment

At AEP, an engaged work force is a business imperative.

Diversity at AEP

Diversity brings fresh perspectives, ideas, skills, and experiences that AEP values.

Continuous Improvement

Our employees contribute directly to AEP’s success by constantly seeking ways to improve processes, reduce costs and eliminate waste.

Engaging Our Work Force

In 2013, AEP held approximately 90 employee focus groups in addition to leadership meetings and employee webcasts. Having an engaged work force is a business imperative.

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