Business Performance

Compliance Performance

Environmental Performance Index includes incidents for opacity, NPDES, and oil and chemical spills at our power plants

We are required to comply with hundreds of federal, state and local regulations at all of our operating locations. Environmental agency inspectors make scheduled and unannounced visits to our sites to monitor our compliance with regulatory requirements, permit limits and reporting and recordkeeping obligations. In 2013, there were 188 inspections by regulatory agencies in which physical facilities, procedures and recordkeeping practices were examined.

One of the voluntary actions we take to help drive performance improvement is the internal Environmental Performance Index for our generation business. We recorded three incidents in 2013, our best performance since we launched this index in 2003. The index monitors incidents for opacity, water quality permits and oil and chemical spills at our power plants.

As our Transmission business continues to grow at a fast pace, there are increasing opportunities for AEP to impact the environment. We quickly realized that this required more focus on environmental compliance matters related to permitting and construction of new and renovated infrastructure. In response, in 2013 we created an environmental manager position to better support Transmission’s compliance needs in the field.

Our Commitment to Zero Harm

At AEP, our focus on zero harm - zero injuries, illnesses or fatalities - means compliance with regulations is just a starting point. We are committed to continuous safety and health improvement.

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